Useful resources
›  Traffic camera images and videos from Brisa and Lusoponte.
Extremely useful if you need to cross the 25 de Abril Bridge in Lisbon.
›  Find your external IP address. That's it.
This description is longer than the source code.
›  RJ45 wiring diagram.
Small and ancient image, but still useful to have nearby.



A few years ago I made some presentations for NEIIST events. Sorry, the content is all in portuguese.

›  GNU/Linux às dezenas: Instalação e manutenção de computadores de uso público, usando Software Livre.
GNU/Linux by the dozens: Installation and maintenance of computers for public use, using Free Software.
›  Gentoo, a melhor distribuição do mundo.
Gentoo, the best distribution in the world.


›  As if Nyan Cat wasn't annoying enough, you can now use it as a ringtone too. Just like me.
Spread the cuteness!
›  Funny excerpt of LugRadio making fun of me making fun of them.
Heavy Metal related.
›  A few years ago, the Mozilla project added the short-lived, but very well crafted "about:kitchensink" easter egg to their application suite. I've kept it for posterity.
Mozilla: The Browser with Everything and the Kitchen Sink.
›  This is a very scary image if you're an administrator of Unix-like systems. Notice the load values.
Yes, it happened to me. No, it wasn't funny at the time.
›  This used to be the logo for my university degree. It was known as "Pi Gay Amarelo" ("Yellow Gay Pi").
No wonder it stopped being used.


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