Code done by me that can help others
›  Fill up a portable music player.
The device will be filled with random files until there's no free space left.
›  Generate all combinations of default SSID and passwords of Thomson routers used by Meo.
Use it to protect your less technical friends.
›  Lists missing files and unknown local files using information from torrent files.
A simple way to compare torrent metadata with a local folder.
›  Plugin for GNOME's gedit that adds a menu option and a keyboard shortcut to toggle text wrap. More information on bug #119428.
This is the most annoying bug ever. Plugin only tested on gedit 2.x.


Binaries for Win32 systems

These are binaries for Free Software projects and are hosted here for convenience only. They might be outdated, so you should visit their respective websites for the current versions.

›  The PuTTY project provides us with very good tools for secure connections.
PuTTY, PSCP and PSFTP are, respectivelly, an SSH client, an SCP client and an SFTP client.
 putty.exe | pscp.exe | psftp.exe
›  Wget, from the GNU project.
Powerful web content retrieval from the command line.
›  TightVNC is a VNC client and server. This is the binary for the client version only.
See the desktop of a remote machine and control it with your local mouse and keyboard
›  md5sum, from the GNU project. You can find this and more GNU tools here.
Calculate MD5 hashes from the command line.


Disclaimer: the binaries referenced here are copyrighted and belong to their respective copyright owners